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I installed the free version of VisualSVN on my networked Windows 7 server.

The link looks like this:

On my MBP, I can login and view the repository through firefox. I bought Cornerstone 2 and can view the repository using https. (not svn://)

I read "Setting up SVN repository on Remote machine with XCode 4.0" and notice that XCode 4.1 picks up the svn details from the project file.

Yet it still does not make the connection.

And I just don't know why?

In addition, XCode doesn't even save the password to the repository when I restart it.

So I'm out of ideas of where else to look.

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As weird as it is, I finally got this working.

My MBP is connected over Wifi, so I turned OFF the wifi, then turned it back ON, while XCode is running, and suddenly it caused XCode to pop-up a certificate verification dialog for the IP where my SVN repo exists.

I clicked on 'Continue' and suddenly the connection was made.

Weird. :/

Anyway, perhaps this might help others too.


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