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I use the native2ascii.exe included in the java sdk to convert ANSI text to UTF8.

native2ascii.exe -encoding UTF8

The "problem" is: i need to avoid the auto-insert of the "\ufeff" BOM header.

Is there a simple way of avoiding that? Maybe automatically remove ti afterwards?


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This is a won't-fix bug:

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Geez... you'd think they could at least give us a new charset which is exactly the same as UTF-8 but eats the BOM. – Trejkaz May 1 '14 at 0:29

As Victor pointed out, this is a no-fix 'feature'. What I do is to read the first line of text, and if the first character is the BOM then drop it.

if (firstLine.charAt(0) == '\uFEFF') { firstLine = firstLine.substring(1); }
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