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I'd like to automatically tweet a tweet from one user account based on a keyword from another twitter account. For example, here's what I currently have set up in Pipes:

Using Fetch Site Feed - http://twitter.com/homesincypress

Filter - Permit items that match ANY of the following...

item.title > Contains #bridgelands
item.title > Contains #bridgeland
item.title > Contains bridgeland
item.title > Contains bridgelands

Filter - Block items that match ANY of the following...

item.title > Matches regex - RT.*RT

Output to another Twitter account by grabbing RSS from Pipes output, and using TwitterFeed to update the other Twitter account with those rules.

Tweet looks like this - "HomesinCypress: Bridgelands Around the World in 80 sips. Wine Tasting and Model Home tour. Sept. 8 4-7, 19006 Cove Springs, Cypress 281-543-4947."

So, here's what I'm trying to figure out how to do...

How do I construct the rule in Pipes to where HomesinCypress: is excluded from the tweets?

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it would be a good idea to link to your pipe –  Chamilyan Sep 10 '11 at 18:01

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If you look at Regex and Yahoo Pipes: How to replace end of url and then modify it to your needs: by looking for ?[HomesinCypress:] and replace it with nothing.

I'm not too familiar with pipes to be honest but that should sort the regex part of it.

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Use regex module as below.

In item.title (or whatever it is) replace ^.*?:\s? with <blank>

This way you can modify any other tweeter feed, not just one of HomesinCypress

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