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I want to generate ssh public key using ssh-keygen with custom host name in it at the end of the file . How to change the host name locally in bash.

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Isn't it simpler to edit the generated key files? –  tripleee Sep 10 '11 at 16:25

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Just provide the -C flag, the stuff at the end of the file is only a comment, not used for anything else except differentiation.

ssh-keygen -C "somecomment@somehostname"

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The hostname at the end of the key file (id_rsa.pub) is just a comment. You can change is with any editor.

or if you really want to do it from the command line:

   awk '{$3 = "myname@myhost.com"; print;}' id_rsa.pub > new_id_rsa.pub
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