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I have tried to move the files in my project folder to a different folder and everything went ok, except that Xcode cannot find my Info.plist file now. This is the error I get.

could not read data from '/Users/jamiefraser/Developer/CocoaTouch Apps/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp-Info.plist': The file “MyApp-Info.plist” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file.

The actual files location is

'/Users/jamiefraser/Developer/CocoaTouch Apps/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp-Info.plist'

I have checked the build settings for the project and they read


I have tried deleting the build folder and cleaning the project, but I always get this same error. I appreciate any help you can offer

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Remove MyApp/ portion from build settings. plist file usually is located in the same folder ad project. You can always open project file in vi and edit it manually.

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Thanks very much. I had tried removing that before, but didn't do a clean and build afterwards. That did the trick! –  Jamie Sep 10 '11 at 17:34
Jamie, your comment about a clean helped me. Thanks. –  Deverill Nov 1 '11 at 0:28

It is just a guess but it seems like one trailing /MyApp is too much in the location you are wanting to read from:

'/Users/jamiefraser/Developer/CocoaTouch Apps/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp-Info.plist'

As opposed to the actual location:

'/Users/jamiefraser/Developer/CocoaTouch Apps/MyApp/MyApp/MyApp-Info.plist'

It would make sense to check out the URL / PATH variable you want to read from.

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I had the same problem after trying to duplicate and rename a project.

In Build Settings, I had to fix two paths before I finally got it compiling successfully:

  • Under Packaging, Info.plist
  • Under Apple LLVM 5.0 - Language, Prefix.pch
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