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Building an application where security is critical.

Are there any recommendations, readings (books / blogs) or gems that can help?

Need to protect DB data at all costs.

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Well, Brakeman is a Rails Security Scanner that can spot some low-hanging fruit of security issues and/or practices which may impact security. There's also an OWASP Ruby on Rails security document you can review (FYI, it is a few years old but many security best practices are general enough to at least get some benefit from). Further, there's an official portion to the rails project regarding security. Lastly, here's a Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet from OWASP regarding security and it does cover some database practices.

You'll also want to think about web application firewalls and SQL proxies. Lots of options to layer security. Be sure to keep your Rails software up to date whenever possible and if in doubt, have a third party company do a security audit of the code and or application.

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