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I am installing Pyrus on my CentOS server by using the following command:

$ php pyrus.phar install PEAR2_Pyrus

I am getting an error:

The sqlite3 extension is required. You must compile PHP with sqlite3 enabled, or install the necessary extension for your distribution.

Since the PHP 5.3 was installed by Plesk control panel itself, I am not sure how to install Pyrus now. Please help!

  1. What is sqlite3 extension?
  2. How to install it?
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I had the same problem. sqlite3 might be already installed on your system. You can enable it by adding this line to the end of your php.ini file:


The file php_sqlite3.dll should be in the /ext directory if it is installed.

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  1. SQLite is an embedded database, as described on

  2. No idea. Ask the plesk support or search the web:

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