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I'm starting to code a Rails application to allow users to create and edit forms that other users could then fill in, the data could then be analyzed and re-used. I've already asked other questions on structure etc.

Now, believing that the best code is the code you don't have to write, I was looking for similar, open source, projects to learn from, however, my searching skills aren't great !

I've tried google, GitHub and RubyForge, but can't find anything. It doesn't help that the keywords I'm using (template, form, data entry, user form, nested form) are all linked to the framework itself.

Falling back to good old brain searching, does anyone know of any similar projects anywhere ?



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It's not rails, but you could use google forms as a starting point. The forms it creates are really easy to create / manage, and you could always pull the data out of the spreadsheet.

If just as a prototype, you could use the UI as an example of how you wanted to structure your back end and then just use scaffolding to get yourself started.


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What's your time-frame?

I'm working on something like this and haven't quite decided when to let it out into the wild.

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