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Play is a real "Share nothing" system, Stateless model like PHP. When it comes to clustering, Zend delivered a solution called Zend Cluster Manager.

Do you know existing Java opensource resources than could complement Play framework to achieve quite the same thing or an interesting part of it ?

This question targets the following points :

  • Configuration, deployment and monitoring management as described for Zend cluster manager

  • The way Zend Cluster manager works as it's not based on storing session information in a Db, neither nfs sharing session, neither session-persistent load balancing and works without changing any source code. It's not that bad approach.

If some things serving that purpose change for Play release 2 (for example i don't know the eventual added values in this area of Akka included in this future relase), then my question is more oriented for this release. After all, Play is presented as a whole platform not following servlet approach so a whole platform as a whole solution like php + zend cluster manager would be a killing platform :)

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Any java distributed caching solution (or any caching solution that has a java client) would probably delivery what you are looking for. Here is a related questions to java cache alternatives: Distributed Caching

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