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I need to format (not compress) CSS code, so that unreadable CSS code is formatted to be readable. I need this as Java library.

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Found this javascript online utility. It probably shouldn't be too hard to replicate in Java. –  arunkumar Sep 10 '11 at 19:26
@arunkumar has a good point. There are many online formatters that could be probably be invoked from a Java app. Alternatively, if they are Javascript based then you could format via Rhino which comes bundled with Java since version 1.6 - java.sun.com/developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/Desktop/scripting. –  Paul Grime Sep 10 '11 at 19:31
@Paul , actually I was thinking along the lines of code.replaceAll("([};])", "$1\n"); along with some kind of simple stack maybe to keep track of function body and opening and closing curly brackets, loops etc. and tab the current line by how deep the current stack depth is. But yes Rhino is probably the easier solution. –  arunkumar Sep 10 '11 at 21:06

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I just tried using the beautifier from http://jsbeautifier.org/ in Rhino.

I downloaded the JS from:


Then started Rhino (must be in Rhino installation directory):

java -jar js.jar -opt -1

Load beautify.js (assuming you copied it to the Rhino installation folder, else use different file path):


And then beautify beautify.js itself!


This can also be embedded into your Java app. Give this answer a try.

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