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Can you access related (to-one) attributes using value expressions in Core Data mapping models?

Example: newEntityAttribute = $source.toOneRelationship.oldEntityAttribute

It's not working for me at the moment (newEntityAttribute is being set to nil) so I'd like to see what can be done. I'm wondering if this can be done just with a mapping model without using NSEntityMigrationPolicy.

Here's an example:

I've got 2 entities which are related which I'd like to flatten into one:

Owner - attributes: ownerName, pets
Pet - attributes: petName, owner

This is just an example and not the real scenario.

Using a mapping model, I want to map these 2 entities into a single entity that looks like this:

Pet - attributes: petName, ownerName

I've created a mapping model which looks like this:

Pet Attribute Mappings:
Destination    Value Expression
petName        $source.petName
ownerName      $source.owner.ownerName

The problem is that ownerName is always resulting in nil.

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It should work. Expressions work with keypaths and it's a simple keypath. Devils always in the details, however.

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Very strange, it's definitely not working and I've tried lots of times. I've had to resort to subclassing NSEntityMigrationPolicy. –  Michael Waterfall Sep 14 '11 at 12:59
Can't say, the question doesn't have enough realistic detail for me to advise further. The setup you have should work, that is all I can tell you. –  TechZen Sep 16 '11 at 20:09

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