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Is there a way to show a byte array on the NXTscreen (using NXC)?

I've tried like this:

unsigned char Data[];
string Result = ByteArrayToStr(Data[0]);
TextOut(0, 0, Result);

But it gives me a File Error! -1.

If this isn't possible, how can I watch the value of Data[0] during the program?

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You should pass only Data, not Data[0]. So, it's ByteArrayToStr(Data). – Mateen Ulhaq Sep 11 '11 at 8:30

If you want to show the byte array in hexadecimal format, you can do this:

byte buf[];
unsigned int buf_len = ArrayLen(buf);

string szOut = "";
string szTmp = "00";

// Convert to hexadecimal string.
for(unsigned int i = 0; i < buf_len; ++i)
    sprintf(szTmp, "%02X", buf[i]);

    szOut += szTmp;

// Display on screen.
            0, 63,

You can find WordWrapOut() here.

If you simply want to convert it to ASCII:

unsigned char Data[];
string Result = ByteArrayToStr(Data);
TextOut(0, 0, Result);

If you only wish to display one character:

unsigned char Data[];
string Result = FlattenVar(Data[0]);
TextOut(0, 0, Result);
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Try byte. byte is an unsigned char in NXC.

P.S. There is a heavily-under-development debugger in BricxCC (I assume you're on windows). Look here.

EDIT: The code compiles and runs, but does not do anything.

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