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In the an object called Response this works to trigger a function on .ready and .resize simultaneously...

Response.action = function ( func ) {
    if ( typeof func !== 'function' ) { return false; } // If func is not a function, return false.
        $(function () { func(); $(window).resize( func ); }); // 
    return func;
}; // Response.action

...using this to call it:

Response.action( myfunc );
function myfunc() { 
    //do stuff

(We worked that out in this thread.)

I'd like to make another version that can do the same thing for an array of functions, with usage like this:

Response.actionSet( [myfunc1, myfunc2] );
function myfunc1() { 
    //do stuff
function myfunc2() { 
    //do stuff

I tried it as below and every other incantation I could imagine, but I haven't got it to work. No error messages either. Can anyone recommend how to get this working:

Response.actionSet = function ( arr ) {
        if ( arr.isArray !== true ) { return false; } // If arr is not an array, return false.
        $.each(arr, Response.action(this)); // iterate over arr array
        return arr;
}; // Response.actionSet
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You have a small error; it should be $.each(arr, function() { Response.action(this); });

Response.actionSet = function(arr) {
    if(!$.isArray(arr)) return false;
    $.each(arr, function() { Response.action(this); });
    return arr;
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Tried it (thanks) but that doesn't work either. Worth noting is that if I change the callback to Response.actionSet( [myfunc1(), myfunc2()] ); then it works on .ready but not on .resize. Without the parenthesis, Response.actionSet gives nothing. Response.action only worked for the .resize without the parenthesis so I figure this needs to be the same. –  ryanve Sep 10 '11 at 22:55
jsfiddle.net/RzGqz/1 –  Alxandr Sep 10 '11 at 23:10
@ryanve Well, if you add (), you're invoking those functions on the spot (before even entering actionSet), so it obviously works "onready", duh :) –  Šime Vidas Sep 10 '11 at 23:10
Alxandr, @Šime Vidas You're both rockstars!! –  ryanve Sep 10 '11 at 23:22

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