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I'm currently using this successfully to remove an option

    $("select#select_gender option[value='initial']").remove();

Is there a way remove an option without adding to the selector - like below?



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$("select#select_gender option").filter("[value='initial']").remove();

I believe that does it.

or per your latest comment:

var sel = $("select#select_gender");

PS sorry for so many edits :(

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You could use something like this:

$("#select_gender").children().filter(function(index, option) {
    return option.value==="initial";

If you wanted, you could turn it into a plugin, like so:

;(function($) {
    $.fn.option=function(value) {
        return this.children().filter(function(index, option) {
            return option.value===value;

Then you could use this:


You can demo it here.

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I suppose you can restrict it down to the option tags

$("select#select_genter option").find("[value='initial']").remove()

and then for diffenet vals

var beg_string = "[value='",
    end_string = "']",

while ( ) {
    /* loop through a list of values */
    $("select#select_genter option").find(beg_string + val + end_str).remove();
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Why would you do it? You can do something like

    if ($(this).val() == 'initial'){

but I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Use that first one. It's perfect and easy

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have my well used selectors in variables so I wanted to just reference the variable name... eg: variable.('option').remove(); don't need to re-find the selector... was interested to see if it was possible... I might leave it as is... –  Adam Sep 11 '11 at 0:16

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