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At my work I'm on a separate network to my colleague due to clearance reasons, and we both need to share code. I am wondering what the best versioning system would be? There's got to be something better than having, , etc - but something not as expansive as git or hg.

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Don't you think you should be asking your security officer this question? Mightn't even emailing a .zip file be a security violation? – John Saunders Sep 11 '11 at 2:23

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I would still recommend Git, as it allows to:

  • make a bundle (only one file, and it can be an incremental bundle)
  • mail that bundle to your colleague (meaning it will work even if your separate networks have no other way to communicate)

The idea is to exchange one file (from which you can pull any new history bundled in it).
And Git is very cheap for creating and adding a repo when an existing code base is already there.

That being said, any communication procedure will have to be approved by your employer: don't bypass any security measure ;)

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