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I'm just wondering if I could easily convert a mixed number (entered as a number or a string) into a floating point number or an integer. I've looked at the fractions module but it seems like it couldn't do what I want, or I didn't read well.

Just wanted to know if something already exists before I write my own function. Here's what I'm looking for, btw:

convert(1 1/2)


convert('1 1/2')


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The built-in Fraction class does not appear to support mixed fractions like you have, but it wouldn't be too hard to split them up on the space. For example, 1 + fractions.Fraction('1/2') or a very simplistic

def convert(f):
    whole, frac = f.split()
    return int(whole) + fractions.Fraction(frac)
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Thanks sir, yeah I could just split(' '), that's all I wanted to know, thanks again :) –  arscariosus Sep 11 '11 at 4:54

I wrote the Mixed class to extend fractions to do just that. Source is here.

>>> float(Mixed('6 7/8'))
>>> float(Mixed(1,1,2)) # 1 1/2
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