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I have setup a CRUD area on my frontendAPI.php file (testing my models)... and I even managed to secure it. I would like to do this the proper way... I would like to establish a separate directory/ Page for the Admins. Please advise on this.

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Still new at this but I'm trying to do the same for a news page, think i've got the login part working but having problems with the CRUD (will post a question on it shortly) - i have a table to populate with data from an rss feed (but will be manually populated with a CRUD to start with) and then have a page on the front end to pull out the details using views to format each news story.

  1. Create a new directory called /page/Admin
  2. Create a new file here based on the function e.g. news.php containing

    class page_admin_news extends Page {
    function init(){
  3. In Frontend.php, you need to enable the login - for an admin only access, the BasicAuth may be sufficient but there are also classes to use a database to obtain username and password infromation e.g. for a membership site - heres the basic one. // If you wish to restrict access to your pages, use BasicAuth class $auth=$this->add('BasicAuth') ->allow('demo','demo') ;

  4. You need to modify Frontend.php to enable pages that can be viewed without being logged in

    if (!$auth->isPageAllowed($this->api->page))
  5. And also in Frontend.php, you need to create a different menu if logged in. Note the login and logout pages dont actually exist.

    if ($auth->isLoggedIn())
    } else {
  6. When you login, it goes to page/index.php by default so if you want it to redirect to a particular page when you log in so you can add this to page/index.php

    class page_index extends Page {
    function init(){

Hope that helps.


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Trevor is suggesting to have an integrated Admin with the same "API". Normally I use separate URL with it's own .htaccess and it's own API for admin and shared Models. – romaninsh Sep 11 '11 at 15:45
@Romanish, I would also like to create a separate API. – CAM Sep 11 '11 at 20:50
The CRUD problem that i mentioned in my post seems to be related to the BasicAuth so i have logged issue 18 on github relating to this. @Romanish, can you provide more detail on how to create a separate api, presumably sharing the same ATK4 install – Trevor North Sep 12 '11 at 1:40

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