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Are there any free visualization tools for MIBs? I've been assigned some SNMP trap normalization/enrichment work and been given Cisco ONS 15454s to start with. The MIBs seem more complex than others I have seen. Lots of object cross-references, including some to objects that are defined in other MIBs and exported. A quick example of trying to trace down the port number of an alarm:

Alarm definition:

Cerent454AlarmEntry ::= SEQUENCE {
    cerent454AlarmIndex          INTEGER,
    cerent454AlarmObjectType     Cerent454EntityClass,
    cerent454AlarmSlotNumber     INTEGER,
    cerent454AlarmPortNumber     CerentPortNumber,
    cerent454AlarmLineNumber     INTEGER,
    cerent454AlarmObjectIndex    INTEGER,
    cerent454AlarmType           Cerent454AlarmType,
    cerent454AlarmState          CerentNotificationClass,
    cerent454AlarmTimeStamp      TimeStamp,
    cerent454AlarmObjectName     DisplayString,
    cerent454AlarmAdditionalInfo DisplayString

CerentPortNumber references from the same file (CERENT-454.mib):


cerent454AlarmPortNumber OBJECT-TYPE
    SYNTAX      CerentPortNumber
    ACCESS      read-only
    STATUS      mandatory
        "This will indicate what is the port
         of the object which raised this alarm."
    ::= { cerent454AlarmEntry 40 }

The actual syntax for CerentPortNumber, from CERENT-TC.mib:

CerentPortNumber ::=
      {        unknown   (1),
               port0     (5),
               port1    (10),
               port2    (20),
               port62  (620),
               port63  (630),
               port64  (640),
               portAll (10240)

Maybe this isn't as complex as it feels, but this is just one small example. It feels like there should be a GUI-based "explorer" type app that would allow me to see these references easily without a lot of back and forth between files and locations in files. Any recommendations?

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I use iReasoning's MIB Browser.

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this tool is very useful, and easy to use. –  user814168 Feb 8 '12 at 23:48

The one I used to use was MIB Browser.

But looking for MIB viewer on google gives you lots of other solutions.

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I expect you can use Mgsoft-MIB Browser trail version for some extent.

Regards Haranadh

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You can use tkmib and snmpb in Linux-land.

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