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I tried to install plugins from jenkins web interface and using command line as well. I am failed on both:

  1. After installing jenkins-1.429-1.1.noarch.rpm, when I go to manage plugins and search in available plugins like phpcpd: pdepend: phpcs:phpdoc:phploc: but those plugins are not available in the list. So strange.

    When I try to create build , I get error like

  2. On the top of that I manually try to install the plugins with command java -jar jenkins-cli.jar -s http://localhost:8080 install-plugin checkstyle

, but unfortunately, I get error like Failed to authenticate with your SSH keys. Proceeding with anonymous access Installing checkstyle from update center

Can somebody suggest me why I am missing default plugins in jenkins and also why I am getting such ssh authentication error from command line.

I am looking forward to solve this issue sooner!

Thanks in advance!

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Those php related plugins don't come with jenkins, we need to install them manually. In case of redhat, I followed following process to install the plugins:

yum search plugin_name yum install plugin name

how to install phpunit? it is different from previous method: pear channel-discover pear install phpunit/PHPUnit

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