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In my app, i have a section that is top widget, the color of the top widget is gray, and i've been put severl widget on top widget, like QComboBox, QLineEdit and 2 QButton, but i have a problem when i right click on QLineEdit as you seen in below picture, the color of default context of window is gray, or when i open the QComboBox the color of background is gray. I'll set the background color of two these widget to white but doesn't work. So, how can i fix this?

Sample for better understand:

Please help me

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Could you post your stylesheet? I assume that the way you are setting the grey background color in your stylesheet is applying itself to drop down of the combobox. But if we saw your stylesheet I could give you a better answer. – Liz Sep 11 '11 at 12:17

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The style sheet propagates to all the child widgets, so you have to limit their range by using the right selectors. Since the context menu is a child of the QLineEdit it is also affected.

// What you have probably done:
myLineEdit->setStyleSheet("background-color: gray");

// What you should have done:
myLineEdit->setStyleSheet("QLineEdit { background-color: gray }");      

// What you should do if there might be child widgets of the same type 
// but for which you don't want the style to apply:
myLineEdit->setStyleSheet("QLineEdit#myLineEdit { background-color: gray }");

See "The Style Sheet Syntax - Selector Types" for details.

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