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is there any value in name ID and Class names with keywords for SEO?

eg: instead of

        <div id="bodywrapper">

you could use

        <div id="seoword-bodywrapper">



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Pretty much anything not visible to the user has been so thoroughly polluted by the SEO blackhats that no search engine pays attention to them for ranking. –  steveax Sep 11 '11 at 7:18

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No; design your website for humans, not computers. Search engines care about how users will see your website, so the markup is immaterial. Furthermore, the number of bytes on a page actually impacts the time it takes to load the page; so, from an SEO perspective, you are even better off using small-ish IDs that save more bytes at page loading time than using longer ids that could add user-visible latency.

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To the best of my knowledge, neither Google nor any web design best practices have ever suggested that element IDs have any such significance.

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Element id's are used by developer for certain purpose such as if i have a form on my website and i am writing a function in java script to clear its fields, then i need to provide an id to that function for accessing that field. It has nothing to do with SEO and neither any search engine look for element ids.

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