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How could I make the options of my combobox a variable.

I want its values to depend on a certain field in my database.

for ex. If I have a table test and it has a field number.

Everytime I insert a value on my field it will be included in the options in my combobox.

so if i insert 1 into may table test. my combobox will have an option 1.

I wonder how to do it :|

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I think DataBinding is the best option.
Use the following properties for the ComboBox:
1. DataSource -> Table
2. DisplayMember and
3. ValueMember

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Using query and DataSource. Just get your data from the DB and bind it to the Combobox. You can do it via DataSource property.

List<string> myComboboxVaues = new List<string>()
    "Value 1",
    "Value 2",
    "Value 3"

this.comboBox1.DataSource = myComboboxVaues;

Instead of list of strings use retrieved from DB data.

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how can i specify which table will he get the values? and on which column? –  rj tubera Sep 11 '11 at 7:09
Specify in your sql query or if you are using Linq2Sql, Entity Framework, NHibernate or any other ORM - just bind your collection of Test entites and don't forget to specify DisplayMember and ValueMember in this case –  Samich Sep 11 '11 at 7:27
Check following posts to get the details of implementation: Populating WinForm Controls with ADO.NET, Populate data from database in a ComboBox. –  Samich Sep 11 '11 at 7:31

I like using foreach. Load the database record string into the array or directly into the foreach below.

string[] arr = new string[4]; // Initialize
arr[0] = "one";               // Element 1
arr[1] = "two";               // Element 2
arr[2] = "three";             // Element 3
arr[3] = "four";              // Element 4

foreach (string x in arr)
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