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I have piece of PHP code.


$Implementation = new DOMImplementation();
$Document = $Implementation->createDocument( NULL, NULL, $Implementation->createDocumentType( 'html' ) );
$Document->encoding = 'utf-8';
$Document->loadXML( $main_html[ 'main' ] ); // load main.html
$Fragment = $Document->createDocumentFragment();
$Fragment->appendXML( $main_html[ 'page' ] ); // load page.html
$Document->getElementById( 'content' )->appendChild( $Fragment );

Everything works well except last line, appears error:

PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function appendChild() on a non-object

It seems getElementById() method doesn't work for $Document.

Look at the HTML.

HTML (main.html):

    <body xmlns:xi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XInclude">
        <xi:include href="wrapper.html" />

HTML (wrapper.html):

    <xi:include href="header.html" />
    <xi:include href="nav.html" />
    <xi:include href="content.html" />
    <xi:include href="aside.html" />
    <xi:include href="footer.html" />

HTML (content.html):

<section id="content" />

I added $Document->validateOnParse = TRUE; before $Document->loadXML( $main_html[ 'main' ] ); and tested without XInclude, but doesn`t work.

Finally I found the solution, bad line replace with:

$Document->getElementsByTagName( 'section' )->item( 1 )->appendChild( $Fragment );

getElementsByTagName() method works for $Document but doesn't satisfy me. Did I missed something?

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You have to pass a DTD which defines the id attribute. Otherwise, you cannot use getElementById.

For more information, see:

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I had the same problem and got the same answer mentioned above. Since I don't know how to define a DTD I got the following solution:

Change the HTML code:

<section id="content" />


<section xml:id="content" />

If you still need the id attribute to apear (for Javascript purposes) you can use the following code:

<section id="content" xml:id="content" />

I ran into another problem with this solution since xml:id attribute won't pass validator. My solution for this problem was as follows: Leave the HTML code as is:

<section id="content" />

Now change your PHP code like this:

/* ... Add xml:id tags */

$tags = $Document -> getElementsByTagName('*');
foreach ($tags as $tag)

/* ... Here comes your PHP code */

$Document->getElementById( 'content' )->appendChild( $Fragment );

/* ... Remove xml:id tags */

foreach ($tags as $tag)

This solution works perfect for me. I hope you find it useful as well :)

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