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When I try load Lift package through emacs-slime.

(load "/home/user/lib/lift")

I catch the next error

; compiling (LOAD "/home/user/lib/lift");; swank:close-connection: encoding error on stream
                         for "socket, peer:"
                       (:EXTERNAL-FORMAT :LATIN-1):
                         the character with code 1069 cannot be encoded.

What wrong and how I can load this package?

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Can you clean up your question title if the question has nothing to do with Eos? –  Dan Cecile Sep 11 '11 at 13:22
Sorry, I catch this error with Lift and with Eos. I'm just confused :( –  Rusty Robot Sep 11 '11 at 14:23

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From the CL spec, LOAD is used for loading Common Lisp source or compiled files. I'm guessing that /home/user/lib/lift is a directory on your system, and that's why LOAD isn't working.

You'll probably have the most luck if you install LIFT using Quicklisp, then load the library like it says in the LIFT User's Guide:

(in-package #:common-lisp-user)  
(use-package :lift) 
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