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We have references to other companies on our website and provide the option for people to 'like' them. After a quick skim of the Facebook documentation, I can't work out how to calculate the number of likes our website generates for others so we can measure our effectiveness. Is this possible?


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check this Question's answer :… – Parvesh Sep 12 '11 at 7:12
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You can subscribe to "edge.create" and count user likes of any like button on your site.

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The easiest way to get this from the graph api for example there you can find the total number of likes and comments

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There is another source (website or something) that have a like button with the same url? if not, you can query link_stat table using FQL to know the number of likes of a url. if yes, I think that the only option is to store the likes count in your website code, in a database or something.

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