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How do I map my Windows key (which is defined as the Meta_L key in Ubuntu) so that it also works as the Control_L key in Vim? This is a more comfortable mapping for me in some circumstances.

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Looks like Ctrl and Alt are hard-coded into in the Vim source. You can map your Windows key to Ctrl globally if you don't mind affecting all other programs too. Some window managers will support doing this, or else you can use xmodmap. The Vim wiki has some info about mapping the Windows key to another Escape, which is similar.

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It is not a WM feature, but an X server one. You can add keycode {meta_L_keycode} = Escape to ~/.Xmodmap and, probably, also add xmodmap $HOME/.Xmodmap to .xinitrc, .xsession or to WM-specific startup file (example: ~/.fluxbox/startup for fluxbox). This works, but may be overridden later by DE keyboard handlers, so if one is using KDE, Gnome or such he should first try to search for their own options. –  ZyX Apr 12 '12 at 14:38

You have to remap all the sequences which use <C-> to use <M-> and put them in the separate .vimrc.

To receive the full list of current mappings use

:redir > ~/mappings | map | redir END 
:e ~/mappings

After that you will have all the mappings that use key. Add same mappings to your .vimrc substituting

:help map

It is not a one minute job but it is how it can be done.

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As an alternative to using xmodmap and if you're using GNOME, you can go into the Control Center → Keyboard Preferences → Layout Options → Alt/Win behaviour → Control is mapped to the Win Key. (alternatively, run gnome-keyboard-properties)

Of course, this changes it for everything, not just vim.

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You can also go to System settings > Keyboard > and Alt/Win key behavior > Control is mapped to Alt keys, Alt is mapped to Win keys. This is much better to use control with thumb.

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