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given the following


return redirect('order-review', order=order.id)


url(r'^review/$', 'checkout.views.review', {'order': '0'},  name="order-review"),

aimed at


def review(request, order):

is there a really obvious fix? I just can't see what i've got wrong and the django docco is slightly light on examples when passing a variable through.

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It doesn't resolve, because your url pattern actually hard-codes the order value (it will always be '0').

You have to provide a way to change the order value from within the URL itself.

To be precise:


url(r'^review/$', 'checkout.views.review', {'order':'0'},  name="order-review-default-fallback"),
url(r'^review/(?P<order>[\d]+)/$', 'checkout.views.review', {},  name="order-review"),

should solve your problem.

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thanks, this was just what i needed. thought that by supplying a default i was telling it what to amend but now i understand why thats not the case. –  shofty Sep 12 '11 at 19:29
Actually, if you set a default value of the view function keyword argument ('def review(request, order=0)'), it will work as you wished. –  Tomek Kopczuk Sep 13 '11 at 22:55

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