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The question is pretty straightforward. If I select two or more elements with jQuery and, for example, use jQuery's fadeOut() function to hide them, the callback function is invoked twice (for each element). Is there a way to only receive one callback?

The code I am currently using to perform this task is pasted below.

$('#element-1, #element-2').fadeOut( 250, function() { /* Callback invoked twice. */ });

A similar question has been posted before (jQuery multiple animate() callback), but the solution seems quite complicated for what seems a simple problem.

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You can use $.when [docs] (deferred objects):

$.when($('#element-1, #element-2').fadeOut(250)).then(function() {
    // do something


This works with any animation afaik.

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Are there any other way? it looks so walk-around-ishly... Or is to be regarded as a proper way in jQuery and it's only my ignorance that objects? –  Konrad Viltersten Jul 24 '12 at 16:44
I'm not aware of any other way and the .animate documentation does not mention anything either. –  Felix Kling Jul 24 '12 at 16:46

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