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why duration column in calendar Evens table does not get value set via provider?

ContentValues event = new ContentValues();
if(allDay==1) {
    long days = (dtend - dtstart + DateUtils.DAY_IN_MILLIS - 1) / DateUtils.DAY_IN_MILLIS;
    event.put("duration", "P" + days + "D");
} else {
    event.put("duration", "P" + ((dtend-dtstart)/DateUtils.SECOND_IN_MILLIS) + "S");
Uri eventsUri =Uri.parse("content://")
cr.insert(eventsUri, event);
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Are you sure you are not dividing by zero? The DateUtils.SECOND_IN_MILLIS might get zero as value and then it will not perform the calculation (it should crash I presume).

You might want to check it out. I'm no Android programmer, but that's the first thing I would check assuming the code has a valid syntax.

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