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The tasks I do manually for updating my web site:

  1. Stop IIS 7
  2. Copy source files from a folder to the virtual directory of my web site
  3. Start IIS 7
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via using cron? see – Marek Sebera Sep 11 '11 at 13:39
Grammar Note: Marketing Caps (Aka Capping Every Word In The Damned Sentence Like This) Is A Pain To Read. Stop It. – cHao Sep 11 '11 at 14:11

There are many ways to approach this, but here is one way.

I am assuming you don't want every single file in your source repository to exist on your destination server. The best way to reliably extract what you need from your source on a regular basis is through a build file. Two options for achieving this are nant and msbuild.

Once you have the set of files you want to deploy, you now need a way to distribute them to your destination server & to stop and start IIS. Again, there are options, but I would personally recommend powershell (with the IIS snapin) for this.

If you want this to happen regularly, consider a batch file executed by some timer, such as a scheduled task, or even better, a CI solution such as TeamCity.

For a full rundown, there are examples within my PowerUp project that does this.

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It depends where you are updating from, but you could have a your virtual directory pointing to a local read-only working copy of your source code and create a task that every day runs a batch file/powershell script/etc. that would update that working copy (via a svn update, git pull etc.)

That supposes that you have a branch that always contains the latest releasable code.

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You have to create a batch file with the following content:

  1. Stop WWW publishing service
  2. Delete your old files
  3. Copy the new files
  4. Start WWW publishing service

You can start/stop services like this:

net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

When you have your batch file you can create a task in the Task Scheduler that calls your batch in a regular time interval (e.g. each day).

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