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I'm writing code in VB5, trying to extract some properties from image files, both jpeg and png. With GDI32 I manage to get width and height, but I can't find a way to understand the number of levels of grey.

Black/White (1 bit) to 16 levels (4 bit) are all below 1 byte, then the bytes per pixel do not help me. Is there a way to tell 16-level-of-grey image from a 256-level-of-grey one?

And a way to tell a color 16-bit image from a greyscale 16-bit one?

Thanks a lot!

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Grey's are still colours. The only differenece is the colour values in the palletes (for bitmaps anyway). JPEG colour space is a whole different animal. –  Deanna Sep 12 '11 at 8:33

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I would suggest checking out LaVolpe's Alpha Image Control (vbforums.com). He's mastered image manipulation for a variety of formats including PNG and JPEG using VB6 and GDI+. It's an amazing piece of code.

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Hi Joe, thanks a lot! I'll definitely have a look! –  Davide Sep 15 '11 at 15:05

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