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I had already installed apache server on ubuntu 11.04 system. Now I installed Nginx server to have a ride. Now when I run http://localhost it is running nginx server but inorder to run apache server I have to use But I want both server to be run on http://localhost. Another thing when I am running localhost it is showing only Welcome to nginx! but not running any of application inside www folder. As I am new to Nginx I don't have any knowledge on it. So any help or suggestion will be highly appreciable.

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I hope you are talking about /var/www ??? If yes, then search for index.html file which is what being shown as a page when you browse http://localhost/.

Either remove this file or change default (/etc/nginx/sites-available/default) host's document-root to point to the folder where you have your application.

Also, make sure you have ports configured to run both nginx and apache. FYI, The default port for HTTP is 80.

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