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GDB: Program received signal "SIGABRT"

I'm running a problem with a few things according to the Build log, please could you shed light on the possibilities that these errors could be caused by. All help is appreciated.

Summary of project:

I have two projects which i have taken some .h, .m and .a files from one project folder, dragged them into the other project, then going through Menu > Project > Add to project I have imported them into the Static Library of the project.

Some lines of code I have blanked my details out for privacy.

Here are the errors I'm getting...

  • found branch-22 without store in _SOGLH

  • found branch-22 without store in TrackerInterface::InstantiateTracker()

  • ld: warning: ignoring file /Users/myname/Desktop/*projectname*/*It's_a_dot_A_file*.a, file was built for archive which is not the architecture being linked (armv7)

I'm relatively new to Xcode so I'm not confident with some of the terms so please bear that in mind.

King Regards, R.

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For the last error, it is quite self-explanatory: you are trying to include a library (.a) file that has been built for a different architecture.

Probably a library that has been built for OSX-32bits or OSX-64bits and that you are trying to use for iOS (which uses architectures armv6 & armv7).

Rebuild the library for the correct architecture (armv7) of if it is a third-party library, use the appropriate .a file for the appropriate architecture.

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