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I'm currently experimenting with jade template engine. I've got the follow basic code in my layout.jade file:

!!! 5
    title= title
    link(rel='stylesheet', href='/stylesheets/style.css')
  body!= body
    header != partial('partials/head')  
    'dependant page content to go here'
    footer != partial('partials/foot')  

I'd like every page to follow this same structure (for now). However I would like the content to change, and the content should be depended on what is inside the 'pagename'.jade files e.g. index.jade:

  h1= title
  p Welcome to #{title}

What i'm trying to say is, upon a new page loading.. the content tag in layout should somehow be replaced by the appropriate tag of the page being loaded.

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I think you're looking for:

      p my header
    section!= body
      p my footer

In this case, section!= body is replaced by whatever is in the 'pagename'.jade files.

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if you replace code inside of code tags it will put linespaces in and change the font for you. –  Jack Sep 12 '11 at 9:12

use blocks

in layout.jade:

  block some-block
    p Blah

in test.jade

extends layaout
block some-block
  p What
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