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Using SQLAlchemy, is there a way to create a new entry with some set of values ONLY if an entry with that set of values doesn't already exist?

One year ago nobody knew an elegant answer to this question. Does anyone now? The answer then given by Alex:

ev =    model.Session.query(model.EnumerationValue).filter(model.EnumerationValue.key==key_level_2).filter(model.EnumerationValue.code==level_2)
if not ev:
    ev = model.EnumerationValue(key=key_level_2, code=level_2)
    ev.keyvalues[key_parent] = level_1
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there's probably no better solution because there's no standard SQL syntax that does quite what you describe. Although there may be some RDBMSes that do have syntax for this; sqlalchemy mostly aims for what is standard or common; You probably could extend sqlalchemy to use this vendor specific syntax; but for portable code, just use the accepted answer. – SingleNegationElimination Sep 11 '11 at 19:02

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