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I am trying to use Paramiko to connect to a remote host via ssh however I get an error message which states that keyboard authentication is required to access the host. Is there any way I can get around this using Paramiko? If not, is there another ssh module I can use? I'll even use another language if I have to. The only thing I can't do is change the settings on the host. Also, I am writing this application on a Windows host so pxssh is not an option. Any suggestions?

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You could get username and password from whatever resource you have and use it when calling connect. For example you could save them in a config file.

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Either pass the private key directly using pkey= or pass in the name of the file with key_filename= when calling connect() like so:

client = SSHClient()
client.connect('remotehost', key_filename='/path/to/private_key')


private_key = """
client = SSHClient()
client.connect('remotehost', pkey=private_key)
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