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I'd like to convert my Git repository to a bare one. I distinctly remember something like git remove-tree that did the job previously but I can't find it on 1.7. Could you help me out?

Thanks guys, that did it with the moving of repo to a different place and then setting the bare=true option.

I must say my memory has failed me this time. The trick with removing working copy that I did previously was with Bazaar :)

Anyways - thanks for the answers.

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Cloning your git repository, as suggested in Skydreamer's answer, may be fine for what you want, but it would lose remote-tracking branches, settings in .git/config, etc. An alternative is to just reuse the .git directory as a bare repository, e.g. by doing:

cd my-repo
mv .git ../my-repo.git
cd ../my-repo.git
git config core.bare true

... which will leave my-repo with just your working tree, and my-repo.git as a bare version of the same repository.

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git clone --bare old_directory new_directory

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