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protected void doGet(HttpServletRequest request,
    HttpServletResponse response) throws ServletException, IOException {

    String filename = "/WEB-INF/TesteLOM2.rdf";
    ServletContext context = getServletContext();

    InputStream in = context.getResourceAsStream(filename);
        if (in != null) {
            Model model = ModelFactory.createMemModelMaker()
  , null);
            // null base URI, since model URIs are absolute

    List<String> lista = (List<String>) request.getSession()
    String palavrachave = null;
    for (Iterator<String> iter = lista.iterator(); iter.hasNext();) {

    palavrachave =;
    // Creates a query....
    String queryString =

    // ( SPARQL stuff here...}

    Query query = QueryFactory.create(queryString);

    // get the results...

    QueryExecution qe = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query, model);
    ResultSet results = qe.execSelect();
    request.setAttribute("results", results);
    * Compiler says error is in next line
    * Got this exception: Cannot forward after response has been committed
    * as I tried to forward results to a jsp page...

    request.getRequestDispatcher(VIEW).forward(request, response);
    // ResultSetFormatter.out(System.out, results, query);


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I got partially solved. I did some (obvious) changings: QueryExecution qe = QueryExecutionFactory.create(query, model); ResultSet results = qe.execSelect(); request.getSession().setAttribute("results", results); //request.setAttribute("results", results); ResultSetFormatter.out(System.out, results, query); qe.close(); } request.getAttribute("results"); request.getRequestDispatcher(VIEW).forward(request, response); But I can't get result set rendered in JSP. So, help is still needed.... – hjmnzs Sep 12 '11 at 2:49

From the Javadoc for HttpServletResponse it would appear you want to be calling response.getOutputStream() to get the actual HTTP response stream to write to rather than using System.out

Then you also may want to be using a different overload of the ResultSetFormatter out() or output() method in order to have more control over the results format e.g.

ResultSetFormatter.output(response.getOutputStream(), results, ResultSetFormat.syntaxXML)

Hope this helps

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Thank you, RobV. Of course it helps. It seems to me that some problems arise from a misunderstanding of the workings of Jena ResultSetFomater. It is an iterator, so, when I call it from the JSP, its works have already done, so I got no results there. I got a suggestion to create a copy o if (I supposed that it could circumvent this, calling "getSession().setAttribute ("results", results). However it does not work. I have to perform some code changes... and see what happens... – hjmnzs Sep 12 '11 at 13:07

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