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How can I write a method and force the subclasses to override this method. In Eclipse it should show in the Quick-Fix Dialog: "Add unimplemented methods".


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How can I write a method and force the subclasses to override this method.

Declare the method as abstract:

enter image description here

Eclipse will give you the "Add unimplemented methods"-option for all (unimplemented) abstract methods and interface methods.

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Just declare the method as abstract in the base class. All children classes will then be forced to implement it. Alternatively you could also use an interface instead of a concrete class, which is simply an agreement that the methods defined will be implemented. Either one is fine, it depends on your needs.

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You can do that by making the method abstract (not providing a default implementation).

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Declare the method as abstract.

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Or if you do NOT want your class to be an abstract class, you can throw your own MustOverrideException at the method that you want to force to be overridden.

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