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I need to add Live Chat support to a clients e-commerce site. It doesn't need to be too complex as the website is only managed by a couple of people. A FOSS solution would be prefered, but that's not a showstopper.

The site is coded in PHP, but Python/Ruby/Perl would be available for this if necessary. and we're running on a dedicated Ubuntu Server.

Any recommendations or otherwise?

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Crafty Syntax Live Help is not bad. It's open source GPL.

share|improve this answer is simple and easy to get installed and running. I recommend it. It's just a javascript include. Placement of live chat is also very important. Good luck.

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You can try Citricle Live Support. You can integrate it in 2 minutes with just copy & paste and start your chat right away.

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You could also try Chat4Assist :

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