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Gurus of SO

I have posted a web app to the iOS Home Screen & want to not have to login each time the app opens up. So I am trying to push the cookie into LocalStorage.

I am using the following code to try to store my cookies in LocalStorage for a mobile web app (code copied from iphone web app ruby gem). But somehow its not working. Any suggestions?

Thank you.

<script type="text/javascript">

function isFullScreen(){
  return navigator.userAgent.match(/WebKit.*Mobile/) &&

  if(document.cookie == ''){
    var storedValues = localStorage.getItem('__cookie__');
        var values = storedValues.split(';');
        for(var i=0; i < values.length; i++)
          document.cookie = values[i];
      document.cookie = '_cookieset_=1';



  var lastCookie = null;
    if(lastCookie != ''+document.cookie){
      lastCookie = ''+document.cookie;
      localStorage.setItem('__cookie__', ''+document.cookie);


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Check whether are you running the same problem as I'm… and… If yes then possible that the reason why the above code doesnot work – Viren Feb 2 '12 at 5:23

There are couple thing that does fit in the above code

1. if(document.cookie == '')
The above statement not always suppose return true even when you are opening your web_app from iOS Home Screen for the first time i.e the document.cookie does contain some value (junk though but still) even opening from Home screen(atleast what I found). I urge you to prompt the same with alert

Something like alert(document.cookie) before running into the above mentionif clause If yes(document.cookie does contain some value) then I guess you need to fix the above if clause something like this

>       if(!document.cookie.match(/_session_id/) ) {
>          // Rest of the code goes here
>       }

if your using ActiveRecord::Base.session_store


>     if (!document.cookie.match(/{{YOUR SESSION KEY}}/) {
>               // Rest of the code goes here
>      }

your Session Key if using Cookie Store "the following key can be found my looking at the config/initializer/session_store.rb file

2. As notice the below code

 localStorage.setItem('__cookie__', ''+document.cookie)

does make sense when reading though it but there is twist to it one would except the document.cookie to contain cookie for the application maintained and stored by the browser but as I notice that document.cookie does not turn out to be same

e.g browser stored the following cookie for my application


but when inspected the document.cookie I found it to be contain


Notice that document.cookie doesnot contain "_session_id=896c455928f3dd9e7bb0b660efb7063c"

Which is must as It used by various authorization gem(devise or authlogic) to determine whether the current user has a valid session ?

so I request you store the cookie from the request object obtain from into the localStorage

3. The middleware placement make sure your placing middleware at right place.

If your using ActiveRecord::Base.session_store I guess the patch code of the same gem can be found here solve your purpose

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