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Recently I start using MongoDB with Mongoose on Nodejs.

When I use Model.find method with $or condition and _id field, Mongoose does not work properly.

This does not work:

User.find( { $or:[ {'_id':param}, {'name':param}, {'nickname':param} ]}, function(err,docs){
   if(!err) res.send(docs);

By the way, if I remove the '_id' part, this DOES work!

User.find( { $or:[ {'name':param}, {'nickname':param} ]}, function(err,docs) {
   if(!err) res.send(docs);

And in MongoDB shell, both work properly.

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I solved it through googling:

var ObjectId = require('mongoose').Types.ObjectId;
var objId = new ObjectId( (param.length < 12) ? "123456789012" : param );
// You should make string 'param' as ObjectId type. To avoid exception, 
// the 'param' must consist of more than 12 characters.

User.find( { $or:[ {'_id':objId}, {'name':param}, {'nickname':param} ]}, 
    if(!err) res.send(docs);
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