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With Java, I'm trying to implement a client-server scenario; both are using the same model and both are using the same framework. Obviously, I want the framework to be independent from the model and applications, but it must know who is using itself and consequently, which database to use in the other end.

What is the best and simplest way to achieve this? Or, maybe my present "design" is wrong this way, you can tell.

Application architecture

Thank you!

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Set up the database connection pool or resource and make it available via JNDI. You can use spring to configure the connection string if you don't have an application container. If you do, for example in glassfish, you can setup your database resources and connection pools and assign them jndi names from the admin console. These will then be easily retrievable from your application if you make the jndi name well known.

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Look at Commons DBCP:


this will give you connection pooling, and like mentioned you can then stuff the information in JNDI - this is how Tomcat works.

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