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I have a date formatted in this date("Y-m-d") and I want to over-ride all formats of the date("y-m-d") to date("m.d.y").I need to do this like these

echo date('y-d-m'); //but still result to 11-12-09 ?>

How to over-ride the date("y-m-d") to date("m.d.y").Coz My scripts has a lot of date();

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That... is not something you can really do in PHP. Instead, you're probably going to have to swap the calls to date() manually (and perhaps define a constant to use as the date format string for the future instead of hardcoded strings, so that if you want to change them all again in the future, it's easier?

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So that's easier.Yah I am currently using constant by now. –  gabmon Sep 12 '11 at 4:40

I think you'd better to right a helper and which itself calls php's date function, and use that instead

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