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dojo newbie - giving it a shot. After submitting a form, If an error is returned from the server I would like to show that message on the dijit.form.ValidationTextBox

var user_email = dijit.byId("login_user_email");
user_email.set("invalidMessage", data["result"]["user_email"]);
//need to force show the tooltip but how???

Any help much appreciated.

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See it in action at jsFiddle.

  1. Just show tooltip:

    var textBox = bijit.byId("validationTextBox");
  2. Temporarily switch textBox validator, force validation, restore the original validator:

    var originalValidator = textBox.validator;
    textBox.validator = function() {return false;}
    textBox.validator = originalValidator;

Or do both at once.

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I like :) Seems like there'd be more on this, I suppose they'd assume you'd just make your own widget...? – Phix Feb 15 '12 at 8:26
#2 is awkward... Anyway it works. – Grant Zhu Jul 15 '13 at 9:54

you need to do the validation in the validator-method. like here you also need to focus the widget to show up the message! dijit.byId("whatever").focus()

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thanks: pity I can't show the tooltip without going through the validator method. I'm just trying to show the result of the server interaction via the tooltip for the ValidationTextBox – Chin Sep 13 '11 at 0:25

I think you can show the tooltip via myVTB.displayMessage('this is coming from back end validation'); method

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I know this question is ancient, but hopefully this'll help someone. Yes, you should use validators, but if you have a reason not to, this will display the message and invalidate the field:

        function(textbox, state /*"Error", "Incomplete", ""*/, message) {
            textbox.set("state", state);
            textbox.set("message", message);
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