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How to get data samples from QAudioInput

I found in this examples code from audioinput example code

    void InputTest::readMore()
    qint64 len = m_audioInput->bytesReady();
    if(len > 4096)
        len = 4096;
    qint64 l = m_input->read(, len);
    if(l > 0) {
        m_audioInfo->write(m_buffer.constData(), l);

I understood that m_buffer contains audio data samples

but my audio processing library receives short samples How I can convert this to short pointer

My audio library function like this

putSample( short *Sample, int numberOfSample)

I can get number of samples from

Q_ASSERT(m_format.sampleSize() % 8 == 0);
        const int channelBytes = m_format.sampleSize() / 8;
        const int sampleBytes = m_format.channels() * channelBytes;
        Q_ASSERT(len % sampleBytes == 0);
        const int numSamples = len / sampleBytes;
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This page indicates read() is expecting a char* to store the data in. If you have set up the format of the audio device properly the data will indeed be 'segmented' as shorts in the char array and you can simply cast the char* to a short* before passing it to your library.

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Many thanks it worked to me – Arun Kumar K S Sep 12 '11 at 6:39
user899888: You should consider accepting this answer:… – Jens Mühlenhoff Sep 12 '11 at 7:39

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