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Table: User

     uid = Integer

     superuser = Boolean
Table: Group

     gid = Integer

     grpname = String

Table: User_Group_Rel 

       uid: ForeigneKey(User)

       gid: ForeignKey(Group) 

       CONSTRAINT check1 CHECK (uid.superuser != False),  

when I insert data into relational table its not raising exception of constraint

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Unfortunately, MySQL does not enforce check constraints. It parses check constraint declarations but silently ignores them. It doesn't even generate a warning that it's doing so.


The CHECK clause is parsed but ignored by all storage engines.

People use a variety of workarounds to constraint columns, for example:

  • Declare the column as an ENUM that has only the values you want to allow.

  • Define a FOREIGN KEY to make the column reference a lookup table that contains only values you want to allow.

  • Write a TRIGGER on BEFORE INSERT and BEFORE UPDATE to change the value or raise an exception (this requires further trickery before MySQL 5.5).

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