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this is what I'm trying to do:

var x = $("<div><div class='aaa' /></div>").find('.aaa').replaceWith("hi");

the result of the alert is object I need <div>hi</div>

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.replaceWith returns removed element, so you need to save your initial object. Also you can't rely on outerHTML property of the element.

var x = $("<div><div class='aaa' /></div>");
var div = x.get(0);
alert("<" + div.tagName + ">" + div.innerHTML + "</" + div.tagName + ">");
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Use .end() to close the find operation, so that you can access the modified content.

var x = $("<div><div class='aaa' /></div>").find('.aaa').replaceWith("hi").end();

x is a jQuery object, that's why you are getting [object Object]. You can access it's content directly as x[0] or x.get(0).

You can test your expected result using the following statement,


Note that outerHTML is not supported in Firefox.

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