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I have an AS3 function that I need to end with calling another function.

function receiveText(value:String):void {
        songPosition = 0;
        var soundFile2:URLRequest = new URLRequest(jsVariableValue2);
        var myMusic2:Sound = new Sound();  //Intstantation
        myMusic2.load(soundFile2, myContext);

I need to call this playMusic function at the end of it in order to start playing the audio track

function playMusic(evt:Event):void
    if (soundFile2exist == "noValue")
        channel = myMusic.play(songPosition);
    channel = myMusic.play(songPosition);
    channel2 = myMusic2.play(channel.position);
    btnPlay.mouseEnabled = false;
    trace (soundFile2exist);
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What is the problem? Any errors? –  Mattias Sep 12 '11 at 7:44
No errors, I'm just sort of new to AS3. I'm not sure how I would tell playMusic to start after receiveText is finished running. It asks for an argument if I end with playMusic(); –  user547794 Sep 12 '11 at 7:48

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If you want to "run" another function you just call the function name:


In your case you have a function (method) that require a return of an Event. I´m not sure why you have that. Remove it or just pass a null (playMusic(null);) into the function. If the music does not play you will have to provide us more code.

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