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<script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {

            id: "commaDigit",
            is: function(s) {
                return false;
            format: function(s) {
                var stripped = s.replace("%","")
                     .replace(/€/g, '')
                     .replace(",", "")
                     .replace(".", "");
                console.log(s + " -> " + stripped);
                return jQuery.tablesorter.formatFloat(stripped);
            type: "numeric"

        $("#repStatiOttica").tablesorter({widgets: ['zebra']});


Some of my markup:

        <th class="{sorter: 'text'}"><b>Stato</b></th>
                <th class="{sorter: 'commaDigit'}"><b>Ordini %</b></th>

Text and integers (first and second column) sort correctly.

I tried this parser aiming to parse series of numbers like that:

"23,19%" ; "6,89%" ; "0,50%"


"€ 6.240,44" ; "€ 15.000,25" ; "€ 100,00"

Can you help me adapt my parser to my case?

Please answer only with tested solutions :)

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Not sure why, but markup-style assignment of the sorters does not work. Solved using "headers" tablesorter config property.

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To answer your question, {sorter: 'text'} only works if you include the metadata plugin. – Mottie Oct 5 '13 at 13:59

You need to have the jquery metadata plugin for parser metadata to work correctly.

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Well, actualy you doing everything good, only thing, that TableSorter have to get int values. So when parse values, you should use parseInt function for actual integer value.

return parseInt(stripped);

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completely wrong answer, the parser doesn't work: inside the "is:" function "return false" => never works / fires; "return true" => fires always, event for unrequested columns; sorting doesn't work right for € values! – Fabio B. Sep 12 '11 at 8:24

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